Eva Marcille Pigford
Beauty shot


October 30, 1984 (age 26) in Los Angeles, California






No; America's Next Top Model Cycle 3


118 lbs.


Eva the Diva D-Eva Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille Pigford (born October 30, 1984 in Los Angeles, California) is a model/actor who won the third cycle of America's Next Top Model.

Early LifeEdit

Young eva

Eva as a child.

Eva Marcille Pigford was born on October 30, 1984 in Los Angeles, California to Michelle Pigford and an unnamed father. Eva has wanted to be a fasion model since she was a young child, dressing up in her mother's high heels and walking an imaginary runway down the aisles of the grocery stores. Eva had a very hard time in school, with kids that were making the wrong choices involving alcohol, drugs, and skipping classes. Despite the crowd's actions, she chose to be a leader, and take the ridicule for being a 'nerd'.

Top ModelEdit

  • From Episode ; Eva was called first.
  • From Episode 2; Eva was called ninth.
  • From Episode 7; Eva was called first.

Personal Life/FamilyEdit


  • Evan Anthony Pigford (age 57) Father

    Eva and Lance Gross.

  • Michelle Y. Pigford (age 56) Mother
  • Marjorie Pigford (age 88) Paternal Grandmother
  • Lance Darnell Gross (age 29) Ex-Fiance

Eva started dating House of Payne star, Lance Gross, in 2007. Their characters on House of Payne dated, too. Eva was proposed to by Lance Gross on December 27, 2008. The two continued to date until they broke up in 2010, ending their engagement. The two mutually wanted to break up the relationship. Gross officialy confirmed this on hid Twitter account. The two's split came two weeks after Gross was on the Wendy Williams show, talking about wedding plans. The two's wedding date was set for July 14, 2010.

After Top ModelEdit


  • Eva's middle name, Marcille, is amalgam of her grandmother's names, Marjorie and Lucille.
  • Although, Nicole Fox is deemed the first petite model, Eva is shorter than Nicole. Eva lied about her height in order to meet the shows minimum requirement of 5'7.
  • Eva is the shortest winner.
  • Eva is the first black winner.
  • Eva's eye color is hazel.
  • Eva's hair color is dyed brown.