Angelea Preston


in Buffalo, New York


14 America's Next Top Model Cycle 14


Yes; The judges were uncertain whether Angelea could continue her career if she was eliminated.



Ethnicity and Religion



Krista, Alasia (occasionally),


Brenda, Alasia (occasionally),


Angelea Johnson (alternative last name), My Little Pony (referring to her weave; by Mrs. Jay)

Angelea Preston is a model that competed in America's Next Top Model Cycle 14.

Early LifeEdit

Angelea was born in Buffalo, New York.

Angelea says she's wanted to model since she was nine.

Not much is known about Angelea's early life. When confronted by Kortnie, Angelea told her that her father told something negative to her friend about her daughter. Angelea's daughter had passed away. She held her daughter in her arms, and she had a seizure.

Top ModelEdit

Cycle 12Edit

At the start of the competition, it was clear that Angelea didn't want to make friends. She was here for herself. While doing her walk, Mr. Jay said that she had bad hand placement. (She had one hand on her hip and the other firmly by her side.) Sandra also critiqued her, saying that she looked like she was going to the mall.

When Tyra comes out to see the girls, she asks them to pose. Sandra steps in front of Angelea and pretty much, blocks her view. Sandra says she did this because Angelea was clawing her with her nails. She made it known that she thought none of the girls were competition.

During her audition, Tyra and Ms. Jay immeadiatly noticed Angelea's hair and nails. Tyra asked her to take off her hair and earrings. When she gave Ms. Jay her weave, he asked 'What the hell are you doing with My Little Pony on the back of your head?'. When Angelea got a callback for the show, she had no where to sleep, and so, she slept in a port-authority, in a stall with $40.00 in her hands. But, she said she had to hustle for her dream.

Angelea made it to the finals. Although, many of the other girls were crying, Angelea was over-confident and said that 'that was just 14 other bitches gone'.

The Fight with SandraEdit

At the photoshoot, Sandra got mad at Angelea for rolling her eyes at her. Then, they started to get into an arguement. Sandra started to talk about her nails and said she had no class. Sandra put her hand in Angelea's face, Angelea did the same. Sandra said that Angelea had ugly toes, and Angelea said she had ugly corns. Angelea said that Sandra needed a perm. When Jay comes in and talks to the girls, he calls Angelea for her turn. Angelea bumps into Sandra. She and Jay had a hard time at the shoot.

Did Angelea make it?Edit

Of course, Angelea did not get in. To make matters worse, when Sandra was called she bumped into Angelea, like Angelea did her. She promised Tyra she would come back, and she did, two cycles later. And as for Sandra and Angelea, when Sandra found out that Angelea was part of the competition, she wished her the best of luck. Sandra was eliminated fifth, and Angelea made it to the top four of her cycle.She proudly did her hama dance and walked away.She said she'll be back :D


Cycle 14Edit

Episode 1Edit

I'm proud of myself. Angelea is still the winner, Angelea is still that bitch. I don't care what nobody says. I've got goals and I've got dreams and I'm not talking it, just to be talking it. I'm gonna get on my grind, and hustle, hustle, hustle. Trust and believe you will be seeing Angelea again because I know America loves me. Even though I'm not in the final two, I'm still America's Next Top Model, I don't care.

—Angelea, at her elimination.

Angelea came to the competition, with a more soft and calm exterior. While doing the first shoot, Jay called her a laserbeam saying that she went Boom, Boom, Boom. He even sayed that he was happy that she was back.

Already, Angelea had enemies. When the conversation was switched to Angelea by Brittany, Hallie said that she wanted to avoid her because she said that she looked a girl who would make her cry. Gabrielle stated that from Season 13 and down the mean girl never won. (Though many would disagree with that claim).

When walking into her audition, Angelea immediately thanked the judges for believing in her again. Angelea revealed that she was angry during Cycle 12, because she was messing around with a guy. She said when she got home, she went to a counselor. Mr. Jay noticed a different not only in attitude, but appearance, as well. (The nails were gone.) Angelea shocked the judges with her knowledge of fashion. She knew what was in with clothes and she knew Iris Strubegger got the Valentino campaign and the Givenchy campaign, but mispronouced Givenchy. Angelea made it clear that she was still '7-1-6' and still ghetto, yet classy ghetto. Tyra said that she saw a change in Angelea and she had the potential.